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Naturally individual.

Individual micronutrient components

Naturally certificated.

Biogena Curabalance® Supplements

Micronutrient products made in Austria

  • Micronutrients
  • Orthomolecular preparations
  • Phytopreparations
  • Amino acids
  • Algae
  • Enzymes

Biogena Principles

Available exclusively from physicians and therapists

Biogena preparations are only available from physicians and therapists and only on the recommendation of physicians and after consultation. So they constitute an important individual contribution to healthcare
and are only used in a targeted manner under medical supervision.

Fairness and social responsibility

Biogena attaches great importance to fair cooperation relationships between all business partners, employees and patients. Biogena embraces its corporate social responsibility and supports such projects as the improvement of school education for disadvantaged children in developing countries.

Quality products made in Austria

Biogena is certified in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 and thus fulfils the high demands on the quality of foodstuffs required of a responsible company. In addition our orthomolecular preparations and micronutrient
formulations are tested and monitored by an independent laboratory.

Quality raw materials with the highest bioavailability

Biogena works with the most reputable producers of raw materials worldwide in order to ensure its raw materials are safe and of the very best quality.

Full declaration and pure substance principle

In the interest of your health we attach great importance to the use of pure substances, i.e. Biogena powder capsules contain no dyes or preservatives and are produced without any technical aids thus making
them hypoallergenic. In addition we only ever use non-dyed, vegetarian herbal capsule shells for our powder capsules (Vcaps® plus). The full declaration of ingredients is for us a matter of course.

Scientifically substantiated product formulations

Nutritionists, pharmacists, biochemists and last but not least Biogena’s partner physicians of many years’ standing are responsible for the expedient and conscientious recipes.

Full range for all micronutrient measures

Targeted combination products and mono-products with a broad application spectrum – with over 180 high-quality preparations Biogena offers orthomolecular physicians all micronutrients in expedient combinations and in the required dosages for dietary and nutritional use as an adjuvant to treatment.